1st International Workshop on Technology-Enhanced Assessment, Analytics and Feedback (TEAAF2014)

Keynote presentation

Professor Geoffrey Crisp The keynote presentation, Assessing what matters and not what is easy to assess will be delivered by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President, RMIT.

Professor Denise WhitelockInvited talk

An invited talk, Empirical Investigations that supported the development of OpenEssayist: A tool for drafting academic essays will be given by Professor Denise Whitelock, Associate Director (Quality Enhancement), Institute of Educational Technology, the Open University (UK)


Time Presentation
10:00 Opening session (Christine Appel, eLEARN CENTER director)
10:15 Keynote speech: Assessing what matters and not what is easy to assess. Geoffrey Crisp
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Design of Technology Enhanced Learning and Assessment of an Online Course for the Final Year Undergraduates (S. H. D. Senanayake, K. P. Hewagamage). Abstract.

Video presentation available here

11:45 El feedback en un entorno de portafolios digitales-PLE para el desarrollo de competencias (Cristina Galván, Elena Barberà, José Luis Rodríguez Illera). Abstract.
12:00 Feedback processes in online learning environments: main findings from EdOnline Research Group (Anna Espasa, Teresa Guasch, M. Martínez Melo, Rosa Mayordomo). Abstract.
12:15 E-Assessment for Skill and Knowledge Acquisition in STEM Online Education (Enosha Hettiarachchi, M. Antonia Huertas, Enric Mor)
12:30 Goals, explanations and recipes (Jordi Saludes). Abstract.
12:45 Open Resources for Implementing ePortfolios in Higher Education (Lourdes Guàrdia, Marcelo Maina, Elena Barberà, Ivan Alsina). Abstract.
13:00 Quality Evaluation of the Higher Education Programmes (David Bañeres, Laura Porta, Teresa Romeu, Montse Serra). Abstract.
13:15 Analysing student behaviour when learning from video-based learning resources (César Córcoles). Abstract.
13:30 Invited talk: Empirical Investigations that supported the development of OpenEssayist: A tool for drafting academic essays. Denise Whitelock. Abstract.
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Enhancing ICT Education through Formative Assessment, Learning Analytics and Gamification (Robert Clarisó, Santi Caballé, Daniel Riera, Jordi Conesa, Isabel Guitart, Àngels Rius, Elena Planas et al). Abstract.
15:15 Necessitats analítiques del professorat en la presa de decisions de l’activitat docent (Isabel Guitart Hormigo, Jordi Conesa i Caralt). Abstract.
15:30 Feedback formativo en entornos electrónicos: algunas dimensiones para el análisis de su potencial influencia en el aprendizaje (María José Rochera, Inés De Gispert, Anna Engel, César Coll). Abstract.
15:45 Activitat continuada amb feedback immediat: estratègia docent per evitar l’abandonament en una assignatura de matemàtiques en línia (Teresa Sancho Vinuesa). Abstract.
16:00 Dos nous connectors per al Taller de Moodle (David Pinyol)
16:15 Rubrick Analytics: eina de gestió del retorn personalitzat (M. Jesús Marco, David Baneres). Abstract.
16:30 Disseny, implementació i avaluació de propostes de feedforward sostenible: les primeres passes d’una recerca (Nati Cabrera, Elena Cano, Anna Espasa, Maite Fernández, Rosa Mayordomo). Abstract.
16:45 Aproximació a l’e-assessment des de l’experiència de l’assignatura Avaluació en línea: eines i estratègies (Cristina Fuertes, Teresa Romeu). Abstract.
17:00 e-Avaluació 360: un procés col·laboratiu en xarxa (Montse Guitert, Teresa Romeu, Marc Romero)
17:15 Coffee break
17:30 Debate & Conclusions


The 1st International Workshop on Technology-Enhanced Assessment, Analytics and Feedback (TEAAF2014) aims at serving as a meeting point for instructors and researchers interested in the use of technology within the students assessment process (also called e-assessment), both at undergraduate and graduate levels, in distance, blended and traditional settings.

TEAAF2014 is co-organized by the Technology-Enhanced Knowledge and Interaction Research Group, the IT, Multimedia and Telecommunication Studies and the eLearn Center of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and it will be held on the 13th of November in Barcelona.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Methodologies for the design of e-assessment activities, resources and tools
  • Best practices and case studies in e-assessment and feedback
  • Self, peer and collaborative e-assessment
  • Learning and Assessment Analytics
  • Design, development and evaluation of e-assessment systems
  • Technologies and specifications for e-assessment
  • Technology-enhanced assessment design, validity and reliability
  • Feedback generation, support and automation
  • Human-Computer Interaction in e-assessment and feedback
  • Collection, analysis and visualization of data for e-assessment and feedback

Important Dates

Deadline for registration: 9 November 2014
Workshop date: 13 November 2014

You can contact the organizing committee by sending an email to teking@uoc.edu.

RUSC Special Issue

The best presentations will be invited to participate in a RUSC special issue on eAssessment.
RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal is an e-journal coedited by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona) and its eLearn Center, and the University of New England (Australia) and its dehub.


Authors of accepted submissions will be asked to register for the workshop and present their work in the form of either oral or poster presentation.

Registration for all participants is free. Please email teking@uoc.edu.


The workshop will be held at the Barcelona Growth Center (William J. Mitchell Hall, 7th floor, Roc Boronat, 117, 08018 Barcelona, formerly known as MediaTIC), from 9:30 to 17:30. Lunch and coffee breaks for all registered participants are included.

Program Committee

David Bañeres, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Elena Cano García, Universitat de Barcelona
Jordi Conesa, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
César Córcoles, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Juan Manuel Dodero Beardo, Universidad de Cádiz
Anna Espasa, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Lourdes Guardia, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Ana-Elena Guerrero-Roldán, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Davinia Hernández-Leo, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Enosha Hettiarachchi, Internet Interdisciplinary Institute
Maria Antònia Huertas, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Salvador Linares, Universitat de Girona
Mª Jesús Martínez, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Julià Minguillón, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Enric Mor, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Adriana Ornellas, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
M.Elena Rodríguez, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Jordi Saludes, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Patrícia Santos, University of the West of England
Enric Sesa, Tecnocampus – Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Miguel Ángel Sicilia Urbán, Universidad de Alcalá
Denise Whitelock, The Open University

Organizing Committee

Technology-Enhanced Knowledge and Interaction Group (https://teking.ehc-wp.uoclabs.uoc.es)

eLearn Center, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Image credit: Alberto G.