PhD on NIT

The Teking group is offering positions on the Doctoral Programme in Network and Information Technologies (NIT) of the IT, Multimedia and Telecommunications (IMT) Department at UOC, located in Barcelona (Spain), in the following areas:

Human-Computer Interaction, Design and Multimedia
User-centered interaction design (Led by: Dr. Enric Mor, Dr. Maria Elena Rodríguez)
Human computer interaction and e-learning (Led by:  Dr. Enric Mor, Dr. Ana Elena Guerrero)

Knowledge Technologies
Knowledge representation, modeling and engineering (Led by: Dr. M. Antonia Huertas, Dr. M. Elena Rodríguez)
Authorship, Authentication and Certification in e-assessment (Led by: Dr. Anna Guerrero)

Learning Technologies
Technology-Enhanced Assessment, Analytics and Feedback (Led by: Dr. Enric Mor)
Authorship and authentication through activities in e-assessment (Led by: Dr. Anna Guerrero)

For additional information please contact the research leads for the research line:
Dr. Maria Antonia Huertas Sánchez (
Dr. Enric Mor Pera (
Dr. M. Elena Rodríguez González (
Dr. Ana Elena Guerrero Roldan (